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Frankwise makes use of functional and non-functional cookies on this site. Functional cookies are necessary to make a website function properly and are always placed, for this you do not need to give permission. In addition to functional cookies we also place non-functional cookies, including analytical cookies. These allow us to collect information about your surfing behaviour and use it to improve our website. We do this completely anonymously. Only when you agree to the placement of cookies, we also place a number of other non-functional cookies. These help us to improve our services. For example, to improve our tools by measuring how many people complete them. Below you can read which cookies we use and what that means for you. 

Privacy: how we handle the data

Important to know: Cookies never store your email address or phone number. If you receive emails from us, it is because you have given us separate permission or have emailed us yourself. E-mails and offers from us are not the result of cookies. Cookies also do not lead to a personal, traceable profile. Cookies do give us insight into how the anonymous person to whom the cookie belongs uses the site. If and insofar as Frankwise processes your personal data (such as your IP address), we will of course comply with the applicable privacy legislation (GDPR -EU).

See our Privacy policy.


We may change the text and content of this page at any time and without prior notice, for example because regulations on cookies change or because the cookies we use change.


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