What you think about and thank about, you bring about

As a Change Facilitator I can help you to:

* unlock your untapped potential

* use your talents effectively

* be more balanced and relaxed 

If you want to explore your possibilities for change or improvement with a smile,
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NEW  The Road Ahead Cafe Podcast

Welcome to “The Road Ahead Cafe.” Hang onto your hat and enjoy the ride because you are about to get some powerful insights, and practical hacks that will take your daily life to the next level. 

The Road Ahead Cafe is a weekly half hour podcast with Rick Gabrielly, Peter M. Fellows, and me.

Whatever the specific theme of an episode: Affirmations, Bad Habits, Creative Visualization, I will be speaking to you from my perspective of Change Facilitation, Counseling and Self-Healing.

But in addition to that, you are going to get the advantage of hearing from Rick and Peter’s unique perspectives.

Peter knows everything about Mindful Pathfinding and is a well known author on this subject http://www.petermfellows.com, Rick is a master networker and author of The Currency of Connection https://rickgabrielly.com.

So grab a coffee and tune in the podcast. We may be just three regular guys, but we will serve you up some powerful insights and mental hacks.

Thirty minutes of fun and learning!

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